I was having a terrible time finding if a sword slash hit a barrel or not… which, it clearly did not because the barrel did not trigger a collision. After numerous attempts to figure out what was going on, I started on a path to debug … well … the path the collider was on! So I wrote a script.

I’m using box colliders since everything I’m doing does not require precision. This makes it easy to script up something to highlight the path my colliders have been on.

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I haven’t been doing a good job housekeeping my website. I recently discovered I was running a very old version of Ubuntu so it was time to dust off some linux skills and get crackin’ at porting my site to a new image.

One of the most tedious things about setting up a new site is making sure you have everything covered. I don’t have a script to automagically port one site to another. Instead, I’m going to dig through my bash history and capture everything I just did here.

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Friday post for the new year

I thought I might try a series of posts on Fridays this year. Maybe not every Friday, but as we used to say… a post will be here on A Friday.

Lots of things going on lately, chief among them is I started a new job. Really happy I did and you can hit up my LinkedIn profile if you’re curious where I went, whether I’m happy about the move, or if we’re hiring. (here’s a hint: I’m very happy about I love the new gig)

I’ll make the first one brief. I’m not really sure what I’ll cover in these posts yet. I could cover some technical bits (like how I’m ramping up at work – doing bug fixes by first creating end-to-end tests that confirm the bug, and implementing the fix!) or I could talk about some social agenda bits that are going on around the Pacific North West (you should consider supporting Hope Link). I could talk about hobbies I don’t have enough time to do such as painting, brewing, … or guitar. Or I might even cover a video game or two (the new Pokemon for Switch is just great btw).

I’ll leave it here for now. The exercise is to just get posts going.

Up and running with Lightsail

It happened yet again… I went back to the billing console in AWS and I realized my reserved instance was no longer reserved… my bill was double. Yay.

So I opted to check out Lightsail. It’s an AWS service that makes virtual private servers on the cloud easy. I opted for a relatively small instance to run my website and now I’m only paying $10 a month. I went with an Ubuntu image and it was easy to move all my bits from my previous reserved instance over to Lightsail. Now I’m not going to worry about my monthly bill surprising me next time!

Pico Disaster

I wanted to get a fresh hop going this year as last year our kitchen went kaput and I couldn’t use those hops. So this year… I was ready. I harvested a full bowl of hops (with the help of Gigi), I dried them out, I stopped after work at the brew store to build a nice Czech Pilsner (minus the hops!)… and I was ready for a brew day on Saturday.

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Zero percent days

After looking into Unity’s 9-slice sprites I haven’t spent a lot of time (read: zero) working on my project. Turns out the 9-slice sprites really suck for grid alignment and tilemaps.

I’m moving over to use Super Tilemap Editor instead. It has some nice editing tools that I hope will be useful in designing rooms for the dungeons. Today I’m breaking my zero percent streak.