Action Sequence

I’ve been working on a simple platforming dungeon crawler. I’m not a super game developer or an amazing artist but it’s not stopping me from building something I want to play.

In my dungeon crawler I want to do more than just whack skeletons with a big ol’ axe. I want to play with multiple people on the screen, cast spells that help my allies and hurt my foes, and I want the experience to be fun.

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Hello Kitty

Rachael and Gigi pose in front of a giant Hello Kitty head at the EMP exhibit.
Rachael and Gigi pose in front of a giant Hello Kitty head at the EMP exhibit.

The EMP has an exhibit going right now that Rachael couldn’t pass up. Al and Gigi were out of school for mid-winter break and this made for an excellent opportunity to explore the vast cuteness.

Final Fantasy IX

I was crazy excited as soon as I heard about Final Fantasy IX re-releasing on PC with updated textures and higher resolution. Since this is my favorite Final Fantasy game I went ahead and grabbed it on iOS as soon as it came out.

Still one of my favorite games and it's looking very nice on iOS. Can't wait for PC!
Still one of my favorite games and it’s looking very nice on iOS. Can’t wait for PC!

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Parallax Scrolling

I found a fantastic post here for building a parallax background in Unity.

I had a parallax background done in 5 minutes. The hardest part was figuring out if I wanted to use a plane with a texture material or something else. (I went with a plane for this one).



Tiling some rocks with Inkscape

I found plenty of excellent articles on how to do seamless texture tiling on the web but I really didn’t need that fidelity for my project. I have a 4 color background I’m putting together that will serve as the last layer in a dungeon – it needs to be some rocks (or boulders) that will be subtle and provide depth to the scene.

So I got to work. It took awhile – maybe longer than expected but I’m happy with the result for now. I did it all manually but I rather enjoyed the process.

Sample Rock Tile

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Way too much traffic

I noticed the site was getting a lot of traffic and couldn’t figure out what was causing my sites to eventually become unresponsive. Since I have some free time on my hands I figured it would be a good time to look into it.

cat /var/log/apache2/*.access.log | cut -d'"' -f2,3 | awk '{print $4" "$2}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rg | head

This resulted in A LOT of requests against xmlrpc.php. This is just my dinky little site but turns out there are a lot of script kids out there that like to hack up the xmlrpc.php to do their bidding. So I shut it off completely with an .htaccess directive.

And wouldn’t you know it… my apache2 processes haven’t spun up past 12 since I did it. I’ll get some updated photos up here soon too – I’d love to share some pics of the kids (and the fur kid) and maybe keep an actual running blog for a bit.

So entry first entry in over a year – complete!