I really don’t have anything useful to say.

Our country is overflowing with distrust, hate, and inequity.

Our world is plagued and forever changed.

Humans need to be willing to be influenced by new facts and perspectives.

I want to add some writing time to my daily or weekly routine. With all that is going on outside of my tiny pocket of the world I will need to find something that I care to share with others. I will likely put some effort into a side project and share the progress here. It’s not anything that matters in the broader spectrum of the current events, but I will share regardless.

I had a project awhile back (2017?) that I started… I made the art (2d vector sprites, animated with Spine) and built in Unity. I recently took all the 2d code and ported it to 3d to make a side-scrolling dungeon crawling adventure that uses 3d scenes and models with a 2d feel. I’ll keep tinkering with this project and share updates from time to time.