Slow progress

I finally started to look at Node.js. I’ve never truly enjoyed JavaScript but the new spec makes the language feel pretty modern and there are plenty of editors out there that make editing a breeze.

I decided to stand up a simple server with a NoSQL solution behind it. This was very simple. I used tutorials from the Node.js site as well as a few from w3schools. Before I knew it I was sending my metric data from my dungeon platform game to a server that captured the metrics and shoved ’em in a collection.

I still need to do something with the data but I’m making progress again. The next step is to handle some auth (or a simple challenge for the client / server) and some input validation to ensure what I’m reading is meant for the service. I also haven’t quite worked out how to gather the data out of mongo and make it useful but there’s always something else to work on.