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Friday post for the new year

I thought I might try a series of posts on Fridays this year. Maybe not every Friday, but as we used to say… a post will be here on A Friday.

Lots of things going on lately, chief among them is I started a new job. Really happy I did and you can hit up my LinkedIn profile if you’re curious where I went, whether I’m happy about the move, or if we’re hiring. (here’s a hint: I’m very happy about I love the new gig)

I’ll make the first one brief. I’m not really sure what I’ll cover in these posts yet. I could cover some technical bits (like how I’m ramping up at work – doing bug fixes by first creating end-to-end tests that confirm the bug, and implementing the fix!) or I could talk about some social agenda bits that are going on around the Pacific North West (you should consider supporting Hope Link). I could talk about hobbies I don’t have enough time to do such as painting, brewing, … or guitar. Or I might even cover a video game or two (the new Pokemon for Switch is just great btw).

I’ll leave it here for now. The exercise is to just get posts going.

Guitar Lessons

I finally signed up for guitar lessons. I’ve been playing Rocksmith for about a year and that’s fun but I haven’t been consistent and I haven’t noticed a steady improvement. So I decided to augment my Rocksmith time with some lessons… and hopefully lessons will drive me to play more on my guitar. 10k hours here I come!

Wisdom Teeth

Just had my wisdom teeth removed. I was done about 30 minutes ago. I’m happy the anesthesia isn’t too bad for me. Very groggy but holding up just fine.

Time to relax and play some video games!