Lacking Updates Again

Can’t say much other than life has been fairly busy. Our kitchen remodel is finally done. It only took 3+ months of actual construction but that was after 6 months of waiting for them to get started. Now that it is done I expect to send out some invites to friends in the area for a potluck!

Game development has been slow but I have been working step by step on I have automated builds published to the site (that I’m not publicly sharing yet) and a link to a Trello bug board. I haven’t exposed the feature board yet but that’s setup too.

My son and I have been working on his Capsule Dragons game. I found a couple of fantastic resources as we’ve been trying to get same-screen multiplayer working. First, as far as Unity input goes it’s rubbish, so there’s this page about how to get multiple controllers working. And then I modified this one slightly to handle an expanding camera that tracks multiple targets. Overall it’s been a fun-filled and productive Easter weekend.

Aside from all that I’ve been working on telemetry and experimentation for my day job on OneDrive for iOS. We’re hiring if you know anyone that might want a job working with a fantastic team.